Creating Wealth

Creating Wealth is for the most par Easy!  Changing spending habits can be extremely hard,  Must of us live out side of our income, Having “stuff” we really do not need or in most cases ever use other than buying it  and telling every one we know “Look what I have mine is Bigger” Living with in your means takes time. by not running out  and buying the newest or latest gizmo that comes along . I know many that have the newest bug screen TV’s and the payments that go with it. It issue easy today to get Loan, Credit Cards, or cars with no money down. All a good Idea if you have the means to pay them off and STILL have money to live on and enjoy your life. ‘Like a boat if you have too many hols you will sink. Stop the leaks !  Watch the money increase, change your spending habits  take a record of each cent that you have and where it goes, Take inventory of spending, pay a little extra to on going bills, Hydro, Water, and Taxes things you have to have, and stash away 10% ..I know at first blush every one thinks they can’t  the ones who master are getting richer daily on there way to being Millionaire one dollar at a time each dime at a time put away for a rainy day.. Check out a book by my college T.Harv Eker ” Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” this book resets your thinking to money it worked for me it surly will  for you..

Visionary Bryan Smith



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