You are an original

Be true to self do not be a clone be your self there is no need to be a copy you are the best you can be so why act like some thing or person you are not . This is a root problem to most people being unhappy ,the rout to your happiness comes from being your self not a clone. Holy Wood is fantasy . You my friend are real 100% you and no one is more like you than you so be true to self and Love your self and your world and the gifts of the Universe will start to over fill your in your life .. This I truly know ..
Visionary Bryan Smith



Count Blessings not hardships

Count your blessings , If your having an off kind of day and you feel a bit tired and having trouble staying positive .. Then sit back and count your Blessings! this will bring more good into your life , There is no need to worry abut things you have no control over, Carry on being your best in all you do ..Smile just because you can. Most of all Love your self and your world ..Keep smiling you are beautiful..
Visionary Bryan Smith


Be at one with all

The Greater good of ones self is to be the best you can be in work , Play and family life using the Law of Attraction through out your day in all activities. Stay positive live positive with an Attitude of Gratitude being ever so grateful. Blessing to you all this amazing day …
-Visionary Bryan SmithIMG_3331


Please your self

You have been taught to pursue happiness ..
You have been taught to be better than the neighbour ,,
You have been taught to have more toys ..
This will never bring Happiness ..
Happiness comes from inside ..
Be happy with what you have now ..
Do you know the Happiest people do not have the best or newest they make due with what they have and live in an Attitude of Gratitude for what they have..
Be happy for who you are not what media told you to be ..
Visionary Bryan Smith


Act in spite of self

Act as thought you can not fail , Act in spite of your current circumstances, Stay away from negative people they only bring you down to there level , You are better than that . Walk with purpose and meaning, Set goals to achieve . Do your very best to be better than you were yesterday..and most important “Smile”
Visionary seeing what others may have missed
Visionary Bryan Smith