Be Stronger than This!

Ever wonder why the great teachers are always going on about “Feelings”? Your feelings are what are controlling your life, Liken to the trim tab on a ship there is the engines that power it along its way, the rotter to steer the vessel and then captain  and crew to maintain   it on its journey but the key is the tinny trim tab, this weeks the vessel as be true on course. This is your feelings the key go getting to your goals no matter what they may be. Be happy smile! and at first fake it until you make it. Successful people are always smiling and joyful helping just because they can find a good roll model and study how they live then use parts of there life to create a wonderful life for your self. They works ever time with every person. Change your thoughts to change your life .. Now Smile and enjoy your life with an Attitude of Gratitude .~

Visionary Bryan Smith



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