Be in control of your finances

In today days world people are seeking wealth but going at it the wrong way . Fact what they are doing is creating a financial nightmare, with using credit to live on! To give off the appearance of well off when there are in debt over there heads. To be truly rich one has to have the money in the bank or in hand before getting that fancy SUV, Sports car and all the toys. People who have the money to buy the toys have the money to do so and use there “PLAY” money not there “INCOME ” true wealth comes from discipline. not smoking, not drinking, not buying things on credit. Having a financial plan that is working and there money works for them and there not working for the money to pay there ever increasing debt. Ask your self Do you truly want to be rich and not living from pay to pay to make ends meet, Or have there freedom to take time off work, travel and get the toys? it is your choice to be rich or living hand to mouth.. Learn how to handle your money the right way~~

Visionary Bryan Smith 12289465_982689681805861_4181158408571146581_n


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