When you find that you have had something come up in you life that you were unaware of perhaps dint even know, like health, drug, alcohol or a loss of family. you must go through the grievance of this .. it is part of the healing that you need to go through  after a time it is time to get your life back in order Acceptance is a given. I can speak on this first hand with my drinking and drug abuse 23 years ago when I took action to clean up my life. That was the best gift I had ever given myself. Once I had accepted the fact that I was an alcoholic things changed of the best! As with family not wanting me, At first blush that was hard to take, Years later I now see the blessing in it, as with the death of my only true friend that time in my life. I know that life goes on and God doesn’t close a door with out opening a better one. Watch for the blessings to come unto you. life does get better daily if you let it.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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