Feelings connect you to the Universal mind

Feelings are what keep you connected to the Universe, Feelings of joy and happiness bring more into your life, Helping others and giving your time where you can to help the ones in need around you, If your feeling down  smile. put on some up lifting music, visit a friend that is  joyful and fun to be around. Go for a walk in the park, not looking at the ground but at the horizon and with each step thinking or say out to your self ..Thank you    Thank you Thank you for the gifts in your life this will attract more goodness to you. Want to e happy? Then just be, it is that easy sit next to a tree and smile, talk to a dog or cat perhaps any of birds in the air. listen to them. Be happy with who and what you are right here right now, you are a beautiful person with so much to offer the world. Let your light shine..

Visionary Bryan Smith IMG_9419


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