Attract how you feel

If you are wanting more of anything in your life then you have to be what you want. If it is happiness then it is as simple and being happy and having an Attitude of Gratitude for what you have in the here and now. Never say I will be happy when, this puts it into someone else care not yours. If you want more money then take control of your money, For 30 days count each and every cent you spend then go through and see where the leaks are patch them and put those into saving or better yet a retirement fund. As with wanting that hot sexy person in your life, Look at your self and see if that is how you look and is your appearance going to attract this person into your life. If you se your over weight, poor health,and posture then again sit up eat good go to a gym or places healthy people go to meet who you are seeking. Remember Like attracts Like! Create a better self for the world and your soul..

Visionary Bryan Smith



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