Setting Goals

When setting up your life the masters of this always ask you, Tell me 5 of your goals or Dreams  you know your bucket list? Most people don’t have one nor have put any thought into there plans in life. Maybe to day ask your self what are my dreams goals in life? most say they want to travel, to have there dream car, home or get-a-way place. when asked how they are going about it they don’t have a clue. Firstly set a side a few dollars to achieve this, set a date as to give you a time line to work at second never give up if you happen to need your special savings, You can always rebuild but first START. Tell your self this is what I want and I will create my dream. as you master them build bigger better ones and watch how in time you will live your dream life. Stay focused on self you have the power.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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