You are the Creator of your life

The only thing stopping you from your own success is your own laziness, Think about that. If you want success in your life do you look to others to give it to you? If so isn’t it time to get off the petty pot and clam what you can have in your life. The country, town nor the place you live can stop you, How ever the ones telling you it can not be done are as lazy if not more so. You are the master of your life do not look to your friends un less they are truly and very successful. Those are the ones you want to have as friends to be successful you need to be around successful people. If there are non around no worries there be the creator of your life be the God of your understanding to build your life the way you want it. Biblically you are the creator you are “Like God with God Like Powers” isn’t it time to do something worthy of your life starting right here and now?

Visionary Bryan Smith



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