Ask, Receive, Believe you can

I find with doing some projects that I do not have the knowledge to complete then and it is ok to ask of help or find someone that knows what they are doing in the field that I do not know. This is ok to not have all the answers to what you are doing, there is no need to get angry with self nor have a fit from not having the knowledge to do what you were planning. Not only are there books or services to help you but you can also go on line to find help as well there maybe time whether is on one to assist you. Take your time think it through and if it  cannot be done with your tools and what you have learned it is still ok to go to a service shop or technician to get the job done right. This is where using the universal mind comes in we all have a calling perhaps it is you that is the one to go to remember not every one has your knowledge either. Always do the best you can and if you can’t it is your gift to ask for help.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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