Be aware of what is going on around you

There are no stumbling blocks in life, you create your world and all that has come into it as well the people you have let come in to your space. It first people say I didn’t let that person in they robbed me, true but there are things you may have been able to do that would have not put your self in that place in time. As with car accidents it is said all accidents are preventable this is of the most part very true. Look around at what you are doing the time of day the planes you are going are they known as ruff or shady? With people too watch for signs to see if they are not being honest, Rushing you to do something, remember if you didn’t have that thing they were selling an hour ago you didn’t need it then and in most cases can wait for a day to think about it. Slow down get out of the main stream of things and become aware of life and respond to it weather then be drone into something not in line with you. Thank, Look around, Know your self and where you are. Be thankful for all you have and learn.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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