Let go, Let God

Have you received the results you wanted in your life? Have you been attraction what you are seeking? Do you get angry or upset when you do the three steps to the Law of Attraction and you get no results? Then step back from self you are attracting more of your feelings. You attract what you think about and what you are feeling so if you are not feeling that you should have your manifestion come to you deep down in side your soul then this is what you are attracting into your life you have to feel like a child at christmas when you ask the Universe or the God of your understanding bubbling with joy knowing you are going to get your wish. remove all negative thoughts you have been sending out and have been learning through TV and other media. Clear your mind of negativity know with all your heart that what you are asking for will come. The only thing is time how you feel and how well you know that what you want is coming is in the hands of time and space lets what you have asked for come at Gods Speed! Let go let God in all things.

Visionary Bryan Smith

2013-10-19 11.11.22


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