Like really dose attract like,It is the Law of LOA.

Have you ever been to an event and met successful people and someone will say I wish I had your Luck/ Success and look down. Then you hear the words from this person saying you don’t have what it takes and they walk away. Other times that person will say back Yes I do  and they Successful person starts talking to them? This is Like attracts like if a person has the drive they will not look down and walk away. This is how the groups of successful people find each other this in not magic it is life. Fill a room with hundreds of people have them inter mingle with in a short time you will see how this truly works, The drunks will be in their group as with the dopers in theres as with people with money in a short time people who are like others are attracted to like minded people every time and in ever case.This is where you can learn to change the way you think to attract a better group of people to be with are you wanting to be a millionaire? Then go where the money is want to be a drunk then go to where the drunks are this is not magic or any thing other than “Like attracts Like. Change your thoughts to change your life. Go of what you truly want in life or go with the what you have become be it good or bad the Universe gives you what you are every time in every case.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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