Know that what people say about may not be who you are

The gift of over coming what you were programmed to be, When in school I was told over and over I would never amount to any thing would be just a hobo, Put in to special classes for the slow learners. Fact it was that I wasn’t slow I learned in ways other than main stream students. I have come to know now I was one to the hands one “Nut Bolt” or Hands On” type of person they schools saw this as a problem child, can’t be taught any thing just a wast of time. THAT is how THEY saw me I never knew how smart I truly was until I entered the work force doing things most with higher education could not do. Took years for me to see that I was gifted not simple. If you have a family member that is not so good at schooling know and look of what they are truly gifted at and reinforce that. It may not be how you see your child yet they may not see things the way you do. Stay open mined to all possibilities maybe it is your self not fitting into life then I say go of your bliss follow your dreams and create your own empowered world to make you and you alone happy.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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