You can not build it with out all the peaces and know how they work

Have you found that there are many programs out there that say you can have any thing you want untold success? A lot of people try them a short time then say they don’t work. I teach the “50 Minutes to becoming a Millionaire” many have taken this and have done far more than they thought they every would. Yet there are those who “try” it and say it is worthless was of time, I always ask them did you follow the step by step tearing? 99% look down or away and say no.  Now if you want change in your life you have to change the way you think and the way you look at every thing around you. If you buy a product that requires assembly and you don’t follow the manual to the letter this product will to work! This is how all things work if you work it success follows each and every time. Just look at all the great leaders,Teachers or all time they were doing what they were teaching and it works by following it as the one who invented it said it will, So if you seek money learn from the ones who have it. You want love and compassion in your lie study the ones who have it.With all things you want study the ones who have it to get it.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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