Gratitude for what you have.

This is my story of two brothers who got the gift each of the same kind of car, The one took the best care of it washing cleaning and keeping all the oils,tires at there best.The other however didn’t he refused to change the oil, care for the tires nor cleaning  it want long when his started to act up from the severe lack of care. Every one and any one who would listen to him rant and rave how bad this just was he would go on and on. His brother on the other hand never had any trouble with his and when asked would say what a fine pice of workmanship this was. This people is how you too can be, Yet with a simple change of thought and care life becomes amazing. Try for the rest to your life to live with an Attitude of Gratitude for all you have as well what is unseen coming to you. This is one of the biggest step to creation in the Law of Attraction. Enjoy what you have in the here and now take the of all parts of your life to the best you can always giving thanks.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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