What do you want?

The gifts you want are wanting you, What you seek is in fact seeking you. How many say they want Love, Money or the dream life. How ever they do nothing to create this, the ones wanting money spend there money showing the universe and the Law of Attraction they have no need, As with love people bounce from person to person in and out of relationships never finding love. Learn to love your self and your world be the kind and loving person the you can be and love will flow back to you are you are behaving spiritually. As with money one must master the money game to have money, By not getting payed and spending the better part of your pay on things you truly do not need for creating wealth. Most people who struggle from pay to pay spend their money foolishly with having the newest smart phones, the newest biggest TVs Stereo’s car and trucks they really can’t afford to drive having more toys and high payment plans to have this life they have created and not saving to have a good life. Learn to live within your means and pay cash of what is NEEDED not the toys. Ask your self  do you want tis or money? Then save all you can invest your money and when you do have a healthy bank account you then can spend parts of it.. that is what rich do they have the money saved to pay CASH! Be money smart and start to save for the rainy day.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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