Taking personal inventory

As we go through our daily life we need to take inventory of our actions and behaviour always being at our best. With the Law of Attraction one of the things to help manifest your dreams and goals is a vision board. At first we have photos of traveling the world, big homes with the swimming pools, the high end cars trucks and planes people we want in our life. Keeping this in mind remember to take down the photos and articles that you have posted as you manifest them into your life. I also have a blessing jar where when I get something new or an event has happened in my life I write it down and come the New Year I go through and remind my self of the gifts in my life. As with the vision board stop from time to time and see what has come off and what is left to complete. I was doing mine this and was amazed at now I have but 3 things left to do and achieve into my life, from a board that was so cluttered it was hard to make any sense of what my goals and dreams were. But now I see clearly how it works and it will work for you too. Ask do I have a vision board or dream book? Get started on your dreams today!

Visionary Bryan Smith



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