Personal Growth

Have you ever thought you were ten foot tall and bullet proof? I know from my past  that I had to learn that I was not so tuff as I thought I was, I thought I was this big trogon horse  blowing fire and smoke to show how ruff and tuff I was  when in fact it was a little lost boy in side like the wizard of Oz ..Just smoke and fire. I have earned though growth of self and becoming my self the lost boy  when I found the lost boy I was able to find true self becoming a master of my life. Now if I can over come a false belief in the old self to become who I am this day I still do more to learn and study to be a better self. This is open to all who wish to be in line with their true self. Look at your life and if you see where you can grow  then take can take power in your life.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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