Allowing the LOA to work not you working it

Getting the most out of the Law of Attraction takes action, You cannot simply go read one or two books or movies then buy a lottery ticket not win and say it don’t work!  You have to be come a spiritual being to attract what you want. If you want money then get rid of debt stop using credit you can and will never win that game. You are like a dimmer switch if you want more light you have to turn up the dial start slowly and as you master each step along the way give it another click brighter. Learn to allow the Universe to bring things into your life. Master spirit this so some takes time others faster they have no clutter in the mind to remove. Be what you want to be think act and do as you would if you already have it in your life.This is the root to the rout of the Law of Attraction. And slow down all good things take time breath ad know you already have it.

Visionary Bryan Smith

2014-01-18 10.00.11


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