Control your money not having your money control you ~

Wanting more out of like is the driving force that keeps most people going working hard and playing hard are a way of life that is taught in theses days,Yet the lack of teaching to save for that rainy day has slipped away with the want of the bigger better toys. Never lose your dive to be great and have the good life however don’t fall into the credit hole by living out side your means. Master your money have it working for you rather than you working had to pay off loans. Reprogram your self to buy with cash when at all possible. I have a friend wanting more money in the bank but says there in nothing left at the end of the month even after the big rase, They go out for dinner more have fancy coffee at drive through each day. I ask them for one month to count what they spent at theses places, Later told them to go without and bank that money as if still buying out side the home. They found out in a very short time how much they truly wasted. You too if you want more money plug the holes in your financial boat to keep it afloat!

Visionary Bryan Smith



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