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Reiki Breathing: The Sacred Secret of Raku-Kie. A Buddhist Meditation
The following procedure is attributed by Ven. Seiji Takamori from his predecessors including Dr. Hayashi and has been passed to us as a means to learn Reiki breathing. This is also known as the sacred secret of RaKu-Kie or kidney breathing.
Preparing yourself: Prior to a session, stand in front of the student or patient and bring your palms together in front of your face with forefingers touching the third eye. Seek guidance from Reiki spiritual beings with their unlimited compassion to help in healing. Become a clear channel for Reiki with love and compassion. Feel that emotion in your heart and allow it to flow to your palms. Reiki breathing will bring in and focus energy and intent. Bring your palms together in front of your heart chakra then proceed.
As you breathe, imagine a white mist gathering at your root chakra, moving upwards to your crown chakra.
Also visualize your breathe flowing into your kidneys as a dark blue color while you inhale.

First Breath:
1. Slowly inhale and allow the abdomen to expand, pulling in energy by contracting the perineum (pulling in the anal muscles).
2. Visualize Reiki energy as a white or golden light entering your crown chakra, flowing down through the third eye, throat, heart, and into the root chakra.
3. Continue to bring down energy through both arms to the palms.
4. As you exhale, relax then contract the perineum once more (pulling in the anal muscles).
5. Visualize energy flowing upwards from the root chakra to the heart chakra then down both arms to your palms.
6. Feel the heat and energy accumulate in your palms.
While breathing, keep the rest of your body relaxed. Practice will allow you to feel the energy flow very clearly. At this stage the muscle contractions are unnecessary.
Second breath: Inhale again and do the same visualization.
Third breath:
1. Inhale again and hold your breath as you visualize energy flowing up your spine to your heart center and upward to your crown.
2. You may feel the energy in your crown chakra as a tingling or as a white light in your inner vision.
3. Still holding your breath, bring the energy down to the palms via the heart chakra.
4. Focus the energy into the index and middle finger of your dominant hand.
5. Do not exhale yet.
6. If you intend to draw symbols, use those two fingers to do so. Otherwise, use your eyes to trace them out.
7. Exhale…


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