Play the Tape

When you want things in your life you can ask your self does this truly serve me and is ti fo roy best interests? Then  “Play The Tape” go through all that would be with this if you say wanting a big TV or high end spots car ask your self a few things can I truly afford this? With the TV now there will be the added home theatre next there stand to go with it the quickly adds up. Now if you can more than afford it then you should look and find the best deals. As with the high end sports car  how much is the cost then int added insurance cost or for the up keep for a unit like this as will the place to keep it safe if you are going to have to start buying more that is not in line with your budget then this could be a poor choice for you. Do what you can truly afford do not live out side your means by living within your means you will not have the stress of looking for the extra moneys or getting more loans for what was not in your budget. Thank hard and long be for e spending your hard earned money on things that may not serve you today.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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