Like attracts Like

Law of Attraction works even if you do not know about it or even how it truly works in your daily life. Studies have shown through out history that if you take a group of people have them in the same room within a short amount of time the drinks will be on one place drinking, the druggies in there little group then the gossipers was will people with money will start talking money this is how life works it is designed that way. Even if you were to take away every thing all the people had in the world so every one was the same within a matter of time the ones who were rich, famous, drunks and so forth would all be like they were. Knowing this is your power if you want riches be around the rich, if you want power then again be with like.. As with the Law of Attraction  “like attracts Like” This is either your power to be great as will to suck the life out of you. In the end YOU are the Creator of your life and all that is in it know this and rule your life the master of how you see your self.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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