Mastering self to mastering your world

Once one learns and becomes a master to the Law of Attraction that is when the magic of life truly starts, I have heard form people saying to don’t work then go on to say they read one book saw a movie ran out to buy a lottery ticket and nothing..  I similar and say you didn’t learn how. In other words if you want a car you go buy one then you learn you need a drivers license , insurance, license plate plan the money to operate it. As with the Law of Attraction  you first need to learn how it works, Then how to use it the way it is intended to be use in ones life this is when the magic starts you can create wonderful things into your life. If you want to be a master  for get the lottery ticket and master self. Master self to master the world and your life start to love you self then your world then see how it all fits together. This is the path use it wisely .

Visionary Bryan Smith



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