Stepping away from negativity

I think as we are waking up to see you have control of our life and all that is in it that We are the Creator of your life, as it is said in the Bible “You are Gods, know this”, and “You are Created in the image and likeness of God with God Like powers” This does tell me that  I Am in control of my life and if things are not how I like, I have the power to change it in any way I wish. With the powerful words of  I Am, that I AM. I am not a tree if I do not like the way things are going I can move to leave the negativity  that is around me. Now whats stopping you from achieving your Goals, Dreams  to have the life you want to have filled with Health, Wealth and great Happiness.

Visionary Bryan Smith

2013-10-19 11.11.22



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