Who Am I?

I was enjoying my morning hot tub spa meditation this morning watching the light snow falling and being amazed at the beauty of this abundant earth we live on. Then I start thinking of God asking my self what is God? Is God the being of the bible or the universe perhaps one in the same? I think that I only know what I have learned studied and been told,If there is the being God at the ed of my days will I see and go to his throne to see him or her lean forwards in a thunderous voice “WELL?” to my reply would or could be as  ” The hookers rubber chicken and baby oil?? I can explain !! or  what I hope to say if this is what is to come ” How did I do what could I have done better?” Yet knowing this may be one way my end comes the other is I return just into a spirit and the body I once had back to dust and where it came from the vastness of space in the Universe. I thank who ever my God of my understanding is for the ability to think and have freedom of choice of right and wrong. I truly love to better myself this later days in my life, Thank you  Thank you Thank you ..

Visionary Bryan Smith



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