Plan, Think and have a strategy

If you are trying to get rich and want to be wealthy or the want to be a millionaire there are a few simple steps for creating money: Let us say you want to buy a car ( TV, Play Game video stn) and this car “X” is your dream car, Firstly if you do not have the cash in hand then this is where you have to analyze your money as to how to get this car. First  ask you’re self can I today afford the payments, insurance and maintenance ? Step two go to the dealership / store and investigate all that this offers. Let the sales staff know you are JUST looking and you have to make an informed choice. Now after you have done this take a photo of your self with toy or car. “WAIT ” you are not don’t now go next door see car or product  “Z”  do a test of pricing see what there is in operation costs between what you are looking at. Take your time there not going out of business today and this is your strongest point.Then pray to the God of your understanding for guidance in this. and if you think you can do it by the lotto run down and buy “A” ticket, if ticket wins a buck you have not lost save it if you lose  you are out a buck lessen learned. Now think about that. Plan have a strategy , then think it over one more time then wait. Most time within a short time you will rethink and go wow to self saying glad I did wait. Live your dreams set goals  and live within your means!

Visionary Bryan Smith



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