While you are growing give it your all

The wonders of life are all around us in all we do and see in our abundant world. As the flower blooms in spring giving that knowing that summer is vastly approaching, the flower gives beauty and the fresh smells it gives off plus the feeding if the butterflies, moths and the bees feeding them as will giving more life to them. As the season goes on the flower dies starting a new life to the worms grubs that will now feed on this once beautiful flower  from there this will now create new earth for flowers of the next generation to flourish  on. As with our lives we too touch many lives as we go through giving laughter and happiness to many in our time, as to like the flower we to return to where we came from completing  life on our avoidant earth. Have compassion to all loving all and life goes on. So just for today be your best giving off all the positive energy you can to help others. And Smile you are beautiful …

Visionary Bryan Smith



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