How to measure your life in real time

How are you doing in your life you have all you want do you know where you are going or do you know how much time you have left in your life? Find your self a tape measure in imperial run it out to 80 inches, now look for your age matching it to how many inches  if your are 25 years old then 25 inches is your mark on the tape use paper of paper clip, then have a look how many inches are now to 80 inches, each inch represents a year in your life you will find there are now 55 inches left on the tape. You can see that this is your measurement of what life is left to you in your life. Know that you have little time here on earth so love your self and your life enjoy your world look to the good in all things stay away from negative things and what does not serve you. Seeing how your life is like a tape measure enabling you a glimpse into your future to plan and have a greater life than what you lead now create the best life with this new knowledge.

Visionary Bryan Smith




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