Take control of your life

I hear all too often that people blame the rich for what is going on in their life. As of yet I have never seen or heard of a very wealthy person driving up to someones house and making them buy things that they can’t afford, or making people run out and buy the biggest TV newest gizmo nor buy a car they really can not afford, nor have I seen where some rich person told any one to steal from the company they work for  and again told them to seek out early to go drinking with the boys or girls. We are the product of how we are and a reflection of Our values not of some rich person who is far too busy taking care of their life. One has to stop blaming and take control of their own life and all that is in it no one made you buy or do any thing you went on your own free will and spent out side of your means to show off. Take the bull by the horns and stop following what media and out side influences have tough you. See the abundance in the world and always life with in them.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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