Stop complaining and create your life

The supreme mystery of the universe is life and what makes life what it is. Many over think when it comes to the Universe and what life is about, I believe that we can live our lives as we wish creating the health wealth and happiness that we seek and again at the same time we can create our pain suffering as well hardship, It is all in how we see the world and our thoughts to life. The people who are always in a positive state of mind find life amazing those who see it as a challenge create this in their life. In the end it is like it is said you are the creator of your life if you blame your country or government  you are not seeing where the problem is ~ within ~ Learn to take control of your life knowing full well you are the creator you have the choice to “Be, Do or Have any thing you want” if you want happiness then be happy look of what makes you happy do what makes you happy, If you want love Be the love you want, if it is wealth learn the ways to become wealthy. Go forth and create a life that you want.

Visionary Bryan Smith IMG_1067


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