You can be a successful business owner

I often get asked by friends how to go about getting a business going  for their business that they are starting  I ask do you have your feasibility study done? This is where you sit down and write out all that you will need for your business then a list of the good and not so good parts to it then clean it up so no bad. The next step you will need to set up is your business plan how it will work who your number one costumers will be. I also recommend a cash flow chart more for your own mind set to see where and how this will work this would have b been in your feasibility study but doing a recap helps you see things you may have missed then sit down with your banker and see what they see is needed, if you get a green light then see what it will take to get your business loan most business don’t show any thing on the books any where from 6 months to several years  KEEP this in mind before you spend all your loan money of new cars and or toys! Know you now have a business and it comes first and foremost in your life. Success people embrace this and go with it!

Visionary Bryan Smith



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