You are in control of your money not others

Knowing where your money thermostat is set may help you bring more money into your life if set too low then know you will not have any and will be going from pay to pay just getting by also don’t let others just your thinking to how much you should or may have there is no ceiling to what any one should or can have it is soul up to you and if you are not bumping up the thermostat then again you stay where you are. Learn of ways to save your income rather than spending to have a bigger better car, tv or what ever you are trying to show off to your friends. Only after you have an abundance then look to increasing the joys of toys and the ownership and again not having loans to have what you want live with in your means and you will soon find you are far more happier work hard of what you want and always giving thanks and living with an Attitude of Gratitude.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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