Know your limits and live within

Know that what you seek is seeking you, If you see debit then you will have debit, I have a friend who was given $1000. bonus at his work ran out and bought a new TV saying it was on sale saving 30% plus his $1000 down so he only payed $1500! I reminded him that now he was in debit to the tune of $1500. dollars and had not saved a things only created more of what he didn’t want. If you want money find ways and means to SAVE it not spend it. As too with love don’t run around falling for the first person that talks to you, but take your time get to know many people to make a good choice from, to many of us go for the quick fix the now I have it findizngthat it wasn’t what they truly wanted. Take your time in life when you are seeking make sure it is what you want and know that you and you alone have brought it unto you, lan well you do have all the time in the world now this I truly know.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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