Hard work, great ethics paves the way to success.

In general people are the same yet the work ethics and how hard they work at a project can show the value they have been taught or have, the rish are the same as the poor only they have learned to hang onto their money and invert wisely where others just spend carelessly. Two friends growing up with same education doing many things together one chooses to deliver newspapers for money the other takes from mom & dad one will complete grad 12 the other not, one will work that extra hour the other would sneak out before work day is done. In a lot of cases it is the ones who saved over spending, worked hard over trying to get out of work, learned all the could and can of their job over just doing what you had to. The rich in most cases have worked for what they have earned what they have and they have found the success of going that extra mile.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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