See it in the mind, hold it in the hand.

If you are wanting to manifest things into your life you must remove all that does not serve you, at first blush you may not want to remove certain things but in time you will see they do not empower you and have no service to you, Start your day with a positive affirmation, set your self up a “Vision board/ book” write down what your dreams are have pictures of what you want to have as well manifest into your life. If it is money remove all that is not creating wealth, plug the leaks in your financial boat you really don’t need a big TV a small one works big cable or satellite bills are not saving your money they eat it, clean up any thing that dent serve you once you have your dreams in hand then you may want to get these things then but yes you are trying to build up for your dream be frugal be wise be money smart learn the money game to play it.
Visionary Bryan Smith


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