Do not push people or control just a guide.

There was a time in life when people would say to me ” you don’t want that or that isn’t for you ” took a long time to understand they didn’t want to see me happy or growing in my life once I started living for my self and left the control of others my life change in such a positive way that I had to share, yet I know all I can do for others is open the door. They have the freedom of choice as will your self to do, or be anything they want to be in life and all one has to do is live your life going after your dreams and always choosing the right things the positive things and the good in life. Just for to day I will help one person, perhaps just a guide not controlling not making them see it my way but to just open there eyes to other ways to have a healthy way of living. Plus teach to live this day like the gift it is with an Attitude of Gratitude.
Visionary Bryan Smith



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