Be still and hear the Universe it wants you to know all things.

Learn to be still listen to the Universe as it talks to you find a place away from the electronic world that stops your connection to Source Energy stop and connect as you do this life and all things in life become clear you get understanding the Universe will talk to you and you will truly know it is an out side Source Energy the greatest minds in all of history have said and thought this from the powerful and grounding teachings of Lao-tuz and has ” tao te ching” through tp Plato, Emerson, Jesus, Buddha, from Pharaohs to even the oldest teaching from around the world all spoke of the same thing, Love and your connection to earth not the earthly learn from them and as always be your best in all you are doing the new to you gift of a day living it with an Attitude of Gratitude.
Visionary Bryan Smith


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