Before God I am humble, in front of the Devil Brave and Defiant!

I am a Warrior, a Knight in shinning in armour in searching that long quest seeking to help those who are lost or frightened in their journey on the road of life slaying dragons there are many dragons that have been played in my travels one was named “Cigarettes” that was a bloody battle but I was the victor then to slay the two headed dragon ” Drugs & Alcohol” this too was a long drawn out battle lasting years but in the end perseverance and my dedication to a better self to serve my King and God I won those battles, and yes there were many countless little dragons that came along but they too met my sword of hope and understanding, true I am covered in the scares the dints and rust but I know with all of my heart these battles are behind me ad my quest to better serve my master and King for I have learned one thing in the battle of life …I Am. that I Am. as if I can do this challenge of life and win I see no problems for others to over come the dragons that we fight daily..For I Am the dragon slayer..Visionary Bryan Smith


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