Don’t follow the leaders be one.

Paradigm shifting of the mind can be taken in many ways more use the word “paradigm” as in a way to leave up your soul or thoughts when in fact is is closer to as the word was intended “as example” taken from the Greeks yet no matter when using it to build a better life or perhaps take greater power from the Law of Attraction it is how one will do things by example like using thoughts , your mind and the power you have to create even following by example of those that have learned and master this LOA. You are the power to all your life follow the leaders take their paradigm using their example of learning and masting your life in all ways be it your want of Love, Money, success or just having a complete life filled with Health Wealth and great happiness you are the creator once you know share by being a living Paradigm that out standing Example to the world

Visionary Bryan Smith


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