Speak to your self for You are the Creator.

I have found one of the most powerful and effective ways to manifest goals and dreams is with using the “Mirror Technique” I have been teaching this to many over the past decade and love to see how it empowers those who embrace it and use it in their daily life. It is one of the easiest ones of all that are out for you to empower self yet the less used, it works simply just start each day by looking deep into your own eye in the mirror but look deep see your beauty then speak to your self so you can hear your self, greet your self and go through your dreams and goals then end it with saying “I love your (and your name) at the end of your day repeat this but use it more as a debriefing seeing and telling your self how you could have done better seeing what you did that was good all the time looking deep into your own eyes, in a short time you will see how the magic of this truly starts too work for you. Many blessings to you Keep smiling you are beautiful.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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