Dream, create, when all say you can’t

it is ok to be different from others I grew up like that, the one no one really liked. To this day I never knew why but that is ok that is what melped me to be who I am today, working hard because no one liked me I had ne distractions when working like the others that stopped to talk and gossip. I ended up earning more in turn buying hot rods, fast motor bikes snow machines having toys became my passion, then entering the music industry I started meeting people like me. At one big meeting fo ra big contract I showed up in my new MarkV, met a CEO out side in parking lots he said people will “Stereo type” you the first thing to their mind is fat guy smoking a cigar in a cheep suit .. that stuck with me I looked around and saw BMWs, Benz’s etc later that week I picked up my first Benz loving it and moving up through the C E then S class’s then a Bentley next in my sights which I never though much of will be taking a hard look at a roller .. If I can go from a beat up old KW and a host of other truck to a one of a kind costom made Peterbilt I see whats coming down the road next

Visionary Bryan Smith


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