Day dream or get out and do it!

How many times have you said to your self one day I am going to ______ and you never do, what is holding you back in fact there should be nothing but you holding you back you cant blame others for your not getting out and trying to get what you dream of perhaps its travel. If travel is your dream then put the money away and see the world. Maybe its a car or boat that is in your dreams then save money make a plan and if your truly want it you can and will get it. I know a fellow who wanted his first car but could never do it he asked for guidance, I asked what do you do with your money ? He said there is non left, I said you have a big TV, big computer lots and lots of video games how much did you spend? He told me what he spends I said there went your car. Think, plan and truly go for your dreams.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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