I learned to believe in me

When getting ready for my morning writings I was thinking yes lots of people have trouble with there past ..so I followed thought on the thought.. as I was writing I though of how many times in grade school that all I ever got was Ds and Fs for my grades.. not sure what grade be it 4,5 or 6 in a fit of out and out anger on a school project rather than writing about what we learned I copied the assignment WORD FOR WORD from the textbook that was my first time I got a good grade of a C I remember her (teacher) saying you can to better if you apply your self now smarten up or you are going to be a good for nothing hobo down by the tracks where you should be in the first place .. I often think of that and other times where other teachers had said thing along that line that I was good for nothing.. it was around that time in life I turned to alcohol to make me feel better ..when if the teachers of that time would have taken the time to teach rather than criticize & run me down as a good for nothing person I have wondered what would my life been like would I be who I have become or what? But never the less I am happy with what I have become on my own …

Visionary Bryan Smith


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