Trying to let others see whats in life, That is all you can do. Trying to help others get ahead in life, Thats all you can do.
I Am sorry…….
Forgive me…..
I forgive you…
I love you…….
Visionary Bryan Smith


14 thoughts on “HO’OPONOPONO

  1. Laure Anctil says:

    Thank you Bryan Smith .
    Praying you are doing well .
    As for mom and sister ..
    visitors not welcome .
    restrictions apply in the city.
    There are many doors closed because of bad governing in our country ..
    Best we manifesting and changing our views of things we can not control ..
    best to get a paint brush and paint over every door we see closed & Paint windows instead ..

    Much Love & Much Respect

    Smiling with you

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  2. Laure Anctil says:

    Hi Bryan,
    Thank you for asking .
    Yes, that would be nice except there isnt anyway to get into my Email accounts .
    I wish ..
    looking forward to having all my accounts fixed and in order soon .


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  3. Laure Anctil says:

    Thank you Bryan .
    Here at home for Christmas .
    Enjoying the amazing house decorations and all the Christmas lights in town…
    Check out the beautiful star above us ..
    Loving this
    Smiling with you

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