What may seem impossible today is your gift tomorrow.

If one wants to create and have the big bucks one has to master how they handle the money they have, do you control your money or does money control you? If you have a few dollars to you treat your self spending it or do you save it? Many people say they want to be rich yet their actions show other wise, as most people they start their day stopping for that fancy coffee spending up to $5.00 for a take out now if you put that $5. dollars a day into a savaging account just think a 5 days a week Xs by 4 weeks that is an average of $100. a month. Now if you invested that into a smart high interest account that quickly works out $5.200 a year saved. Now think if you start early in life what your retirement is going to be like and all you did was give up a coffee with interest you will have well over $400.000 in 30 years ( in an average savings)and if you give up smoking or other things that eat your money..well just think how much you can have.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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