I have learned not to quit, but learned for what didn’t work.

In todays world there is nothing wrong with reinventing your self those plans you had the dreams you built that took a lot of time can be restarted in new ways just because it didn’t work out in the first few try’s dent mean you cant to it, there are going to be times that you have done all you could to make sure you were on the right track that everything was in place just to find that there wasn’t a thing you did wrong yet the deal fell apart. Take what you know and now have learned and apply it again with the same mind set for know now you have learned what didn’t work. This in not failure but a learning curve you are gaining experience in what you are doing remember sports pro’s didn’t become the best over night nor did the millionaire make it in the first try no matter what you are doing embrace the failures for they are your greatest teacher.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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