Write it down, tell the universe what you want. Know it’s coming .

This is the day I set my goals on fire I have a mind set to achieve what I see in my mind I have taken the time to write my goals those dreams down I also have my vision board with photos of what I want and where I want to be in life. When I started the vision board it was full hardly any room to add ideas or my thoughts as well wants in life today there is but a few left on this vision board I look around me and see that I have completed so many of them from things I wanted to learn money, love and happiness, I wished to have and the toys. Everything in life came from a thought a vision a off the wall dream that turned into a goal to achieve many didn’t manifest over night yet others did it was where I put my center of focus this dream book, vision board wish list have been used from the start of time, do you have your dreams those goals in life write down where you can see them to keep you on track? Millions of people use this trick to achieve the dream of a life time if it works for them it will and has to work for you as will.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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