How it starts can be unclear but those wow moments something that catches your eye be it a shiny car, a motorcycle a diamond ring, even maybe your family member bought one but you see it and know deep down in side you would like one too. You too want to go on that cruse travel the world own a trinket that wowed your soul. How ever you were introduced doesn’t matter the long and short is you saw it or touched it and knew you wanted to have something like it for your own. You cut that photo out of a magazine put it on the wall, started your savings jar, searched for a way to have this dream manifest into your life. At first it was hard staying on track but your drive to have this article became your burning desire nothing could take this out of your thoughts. Then it happened you found the way to have it in hand! You created this you made this come true you went agents all odds and what others thought or said to have what you wanted this is the Law of Attraction in action it works set your soul on fire with this Law and know thoughts become things if you can see it in the mind you can hold it in the hand.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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